It is our belief that the Fibonacci Sequence is the primary reality for all aspects of life on earth. Fibonacci’s Golden Ratio is the universal principle of growth that governs growth and completeness in all the realms of Science and Nature. This Golden Ratio stands as the paramount basis of design for all structures, forms and proportions in everything cosmic, individual, organic, inorganic, acoustic as well as optical manifestations.

Chimes Group reflects the natural, generative spirit in the context of a business group that grows continually by virtue of new initiatives and ventures, building on strengths we have built and imbibed over our existence. All individuals and companies within, live through the collective energy of the core group, developing through harmonious patterns of growth and organization.


Chimes Group’s value system is deeply driven by its promise to deliver excellence and create value in all our business touch points whether external or internal.


People Orientation / Empowerment

Be it customers, our employees, our outsourcing vendors and suppliers or Bankers, Marketing associates, etc. we all at Chimes believe that it requires all of us working to a clear and common goal to bring out the best. We hold our people relationships at a very high place in our values, and do everything in our capacity to be respectful to all. Our teams are empowered to take quick decisions and bear in mind that a win-win attitude is necessary for all working relationships to be successful. From the basic business ethic of making payments on time to delivering on audacious goals of quality products and services, we strive to always hold true on our commitments. We believe that accomplishing any task calls for an effective team and a positive attitude. We constantly strive to create the right environment to foster this.

Commitment to Quality

“Quality is not an accident; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” – This quote by William Foster defines how we look at quality. All our Real Estate projects, our Aviation Academy or our software products and services, all make for great examples of exceptional quality or execution and performance. We set very high quality benchmarks and always look at achieving them – right from the smallest of transactions to the largest of projects. We believe that success can only be brought about by making substantial and sustained efforts in quality offerings.

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Grounded in Reality

An idea remains simply a figment of the mind, if not accompanied by a rigorous will and intense passion to execute it. Practicality of objectives and Excellence in Execution, combined with the clarity of the ground reality has immensely contributed to the success of our group.


We have managed to bring some very ambitious ideas to reality owing to our pragmatic execution capabilities. We strive untiringly to understand what it takes to get a business going, to make it successful, and to maintain its lead. Our understandings are translated to action plans and execution methodologies, enveloped with teams that are oriented and that buy-in, with complete understanding of our aims in the business. We at Chimes, pride in our ability to invest all the know-how, time and monetary resources to make our time well spent.

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