The very existence of the Chimes group is defined by the ability to make the right investments in the right businesses. While we are opportunistic, we are constantly looking for the right investments, whether in new or existing businesses, to participate in them scaling great heights. Our investment ideology revolves around exploring any new idea, existing business or collaborative business, which shows global potential and that require a seasoned partner to come on board.


New Business Investments

While large businesses are what we build, we understand that every idea starts small. In everything, an inception has to turn to reality, and scale to conquer. We make sure we remain familiar with the current developments in the technology arena, which is the atom around which many a new-age investments take place. We at Chimes, would be happy to hear about some of the interesting ideas and collaborate with you to take your business to the next step. 3D printing, mobility applications and solutions with a global impact, enabling services and online initiatives are the future we are already in the midst of. We are happy and excited to partner with idea-initiators to capitalize on opportunities in this space, and build shared value.

Investments in the Growth Phase

If you have begun your journey and are on the path to growth, partnering with the Chimes group could give you just the boost you may be seeking to take your business to the next level. Capital, leadership and managerial expertise are core blocks that we at Chimes can add to your existing business. Whether you are a sole entrepreneur or a team of talented people contributing to an organisation, if you have a sound growth plan, are operating in an area/industry that might be of interest and are currently looking for a reliable partner, we would be happy to hear from you and evaluate the opportunity to contribute.


Business Collaborations and Partnerships

We at Chimes have developed core expertise and strength in certain areas and are willing to lend our expertise in collaborating with like-minded and complementary business partners. At Chimes Pvt. Ltd we are in the business of building high quality real estate assets. All our current projects are completely owned and managed by us. However, we would be willing to evaluate collaborative prospects with owners of land and bring to table our expertise of construction. Similarly, in other areas of New technology based businesses, IT and Aviation, if one already has a complementary business; Chimes Group is open to understanding your area and building something bigger given the two existing structures. Do connect with us to share your thoughts and you will hear back from us to explore further.